Clear Sky Lodge


Terry and I went to Clear Sky Lodge for their famous hamburgers. We ordered two rib eye steaks instead. I don’t like the smoke, but I really do like that restaurant. The owner is nice, and she cooks up a wonderful meal. It was our Alaskan answer to Mardi Gras.

The salad is simple, but HUGE. It’s a great start. We understand they will be having a salad bar there soon. Can Alaskans get enough good salads? Everything on the menu looked good.

I had my usual diet coke with lime. Terry had his fresh homemade ice tea. We talked all the way up and back. It was nice drive in sunshine, even on a cold Interior afternoon. We did not see hare nor moose on our drive. Would it be correct to say, We did not see hide nor hare?

We were happy to notice Barbara Lavalle’s poster for the Nenana Ice Classic on Clear Sky’s door.

We stop in Nenana with our dog mushing guests to get tickets. I’ve boasted that we sell more tickets for them than anyone else in Healy area thanks to our wintertime guests at Denali Dome Home Bed and Breakfast. I hope that’s true. I usually buy 5 tickets for Terry’s birthday in late February. Each year I tell him I am giving him thousands of dollars if he will just fill out the ticket correctly.

We may not have iris or tulips yet, but we have iconic red buckets coming out. For me, the buckets are harbingers of spring. I hope we are helping our neighbor, Nenana, while we are having fun.
Happy Mardi Gras, everyone!


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