Room 7 is at the top of the dome, and up two flights of stairs.  It is our most popular winter room because it shows the winter skies through sky lights.  For the long days in the summer it has shades between the windows and it also has curtains.  There is a glass wall with three sliding windows and curtains on one wall. A door and solid wall divide the bedroom from the bathroom. It is a big space with with California king bed  and dresser from Oakwood Interiors, three end tables, pull-out couch, TV, radio clock, and luggage racks.  It has a built-in desk, small refrigerator, two chairs, and and a wall of cabinets in the large bathroom area.   This room gives the feeling of living in a dome with its round walls.  Extras include a tiled shower and tiled sink area, space heater, hair dryer, fans, reading lights and make-up mirror and Alaskan art.  Room 7 is the only room on the top level.