Denali and Alaskan advenutres by your hosts Terry and Ann!

Mosse at the Denali Dome Home B&B


When you compare a moose to a horse, you might think its muzzle is too long and its ears are too big. You might think it’s strange looking with a shoulder hump and bell under its chin. Please don’t compare those two. When you compare moose to moose, the largest deer in North America, they…
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Clear Sky Lodge

Terry and I went to Clear Sky Lodge for their famous hamburgers. We ordered two rib eye steaks instead. I don’t like the smoke, but I really do like that restaurant. The owner is nice, and she cooks up a wonderful meal. It was our Alaskan answer to Mardi Gras. The salad is simple, but…
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Yes, that is Denali in the middle of the road. Terry took the picture just a bit north of Trapper Creek. He was in Maryland with family for over a week, and he was on his way home when he spotted “the mountain.” We have a full house tonight, it must be the start of…
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